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CoffeeScript is gone, what do recruiters think about this?

CoffeeScript emerged years ago in an alternative to spaghetti code written by tired/junior/bored/rushed developers. Javascript can become messy very quickly and there are many ways of creating modules, classes and attempting to have clear expression of callbacks. Not to mention handling errors , encapsulating classes, etc.

CoffeeScript solved a lot of those issues. It provided a shorter syntax to e.g. Checking if variable is null and undefined in one short syntax. It created an easy to understand structure of creating classes and a ton of helper methods. It took inspiration from Ruby language and it worked.

It required a few tools but it wasn’t very hard to integrate into team’s development cycle. In fact some would argue (i did) that it created a value through more structure.

A lot of job posts started to include CoffeeScript which may be perceived as a separate technology by recruiters (granted it does require a bit of learning but not much).

Today ES6 generation of javascript renders CoffeeScript redundant and because its basically a hack , it never meant to stick around. TypeScript promoted by microsoft and others provides amazing type checking , casting and many valuable features .

A short lived technology (i personally have developed a few things using it ) will leave some confused .


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