OSX launchctl , you’re a friend – Launch Daemons

Whatever they are (chrome makes use of them, developing and using .dev domains, running some processes or running your own custom app) , its easy to control, manage  and rid of them.


launchctl  – is the handy tool


Adding a custom service , here is a handy explanation

It’s really useful if you want to be a power user.

usage: launchctl 
	load       	Load configuration files and/or directories
	unload     	Unload configuration files and/or directories
	start      	Start specified job
	stop       	Stop specified job
	submit     	Submit a job from the command line
	remove     	Remove specified job
	bootstrap  	Bootstrap launchd
	list       	List jobs and information about jobs
	setenv     	Set an environmental variable in launchd
	unsetenv   	Unset an environmental variable in launchd
	getenv     	Get an environmental variable from launchd
	export     	Export shell settings from launchd
	debug      	Set the WaitForDebugger flag for the target job to true.
	limit      	View and adjust launchd resource limits
	stdout     	Redirect launchd's standard out to the given path
	stderr     	Redirect launchd's standard error to the given path
	shutdown   	Prepare for system shutdown
	singleuser 	Switch to single-user mode
	getrusage  	Get resource usage statistics from launchd
	log        	Adjust the logging level or mask of launchd
	umask      	Change launchd's umask
	bsexec     	Execute a process within a different Mach bootstrap subset
	bslist     	List Mach bootstrap services and optional servers
	bstree     	Show the entire Mach bootstrap tree. Requires root privileges.
	managerpid 	Print the PID of the launchd managing this Mach bootstrap.
	manageruid 	Print the UID of the launchd managing this Mach bootstrap.
	managername	Print the name of this Mach bootstrap.
	asuser     	Execute a subcommand in the given user's context.
	exit       	Exit the interactive invocation of launchctl
	quit       	Quit the interactive invocation of launchctl
	help       	This help output

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