EmberJS – ongoing

Strangest things happen when developing projects in EmberJS (specifically Ember CLI)

I have plenty of experience developing AngularJS based applications (mobile and desktop). EmberCLI is something a client wished based on their stack preference.

I won’t go into history of EmberJS but it was a turbulent one (at one point, it was in beta for over a year with little updates). It’s a lot more heavy (than Angular) on the dependencies and development approach (everything is a route, forget building small apps).


Odd errors:


Uncaught SyntaxError: Duplicate data property in object literal not allowed in strict mode


If you see the error above, i have resolved it by commenting out

proxiedSelectedStates: Ember.computed.filterBy(‘proxiedStates’, ‘checked’, true)
selectedStates: Ember.computed.mapBy(‘proxiedSelectedStates’, ‘content’)


Strangely enough, i don’t have a duplicate code and when i renamed these properties on a controller, everything worked. Magic !



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