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CoffeeScript way of checking for undefined

I enjoy CoffeeScripting

There is some learning curve but experienced developer will pick up. There is something i am not a fond of, its the indentation for block and function definition.

Here is something to keep in mind: Checking for a variable existence:

Normal Javascript:

if (!(typeof data !== "undefined" && data !== null)) {

CoffeeScript way (awesome)

if data?

Alternative way (same)

if typeof data isnt "undefined" and data isnt null

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Pushing to heroku from a different branch

Heroku is great but i am sure you have all sorts of branches and you aren’t using master branch.

Here is how you push a branch that you need:


git push heroku mylocalbranch:master

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MongoDB 2.4 full text search , time to drop solr/lucene

Well, not really. Don’t drop Solr/Lucene if it works for you but having full text search feature within MongoDB is definitely handy. It’s not known at this time but i am certain this feature will work with replica set and sharding setups.


More here


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Oracle Localization Tips

Tip #1


Localization settings can be set on Database level, Instance level (imagine geographically despersed cluster) , Session level

Environmental variable NLS_LANG allows to override Language settings on a session level.
For example you have an application deployment in Italy, obviously you’re expecting data to come in an Italian/European format here is the settings for your Unix box:



Tip #2

To find out your setting use this handy query:

select * from nls_database_parameters;

Will you quite a list of information on your settings, such as:

NLS_CURRENCY <euro sign here>

More information can be found at Oracle:


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