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Mobile app built in 24 hours for banking

I have participated individually in a hackathon organized by a bank and had a concept in mind that would help bank customers chat with an advisor competent in their field.

I’ve built a platform that had a real time chat, a browser based web app that would be more suitable for Customer Support or Advisor (also a mobile app was available if they were on the go).

The pitch:

Simplifying issue resolution for customers by matching them to advisors and saving time for both sides.


I have open sourced my solution with screenshots.

Available here

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Using MomentJs Timezone in Parse.Cloud.code

Parse Cloud Code comes with a few handy modules, however momentjs presently is very old (1.x) on parse cloud code. Here are the steps how to integrate momentjs and momentjs-timezone (latest and greatest).

Step 1

Within your project copy momentjs.js (version 2.X) and moment-timezone.js file to /cloud directory.

Step 2

Modify moment-timezone.js first few lines:

(function (root, factory) {
"use strict";

module.exports = factory(require(‘cloud/moment.js’));

}(this, function (moment) {

What this does is loads your updated momentJs for moment-timezone to use

Step 3

Use the updated script within your code like this

var moment = require('cloud/moment-tz');

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Azure cli provides powerful tools before Portal is finally polished

But first , the tricky part is using Azure’s CLI tool . I would suggest using node version:

Installing : npm -g install azure-cli

Once you’re done, they require you to upload .publishsettings file , oddly named its also not easily accessible. Run the following command

azure account download

Above command will actually open a browser and if you’re logged in (azure) you will be able to download it.

Next step is importing it

azure account import filename.publishsettings


At this point you want to switch to Resource Manager mode, its a newer API architecture where everything is configurable via JSON structure and this is inline with new Portal management. The following command will switch you to that mode:

azure config mode arm

Few more handy resources when dealing with azure-cli

Using the Azure CLI for Mac, Linux, and Windows with Azure Service Management

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