Amazon Route 53 has another reason to be the best dns

Amazon Route 53 Announces DNS Failover
With DNS Failover, Amazon Route 53 can automatically route your website visitors around site outages. DNS Failover helps you improve the availability of your applications in multiple ways, from leveraging a simple backup site hosted on Amazon S3, to running your primary application simultaneously in multiple AWS regions around the world.

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MongoDB in 2012

My tale of MongoDB

I’ve had a great time with MongoDB in 2012. I’ve replaced several mysql DBs with nicely organized mongoDB collections.
I’ve developed an app using NodeJS (see mongoose) and stored massive data in mongodb.

My favourite host: , 500megs free per db and great engineering minds work there.

I’ve built and deployed RubyOn Rails app with storage on mongodb and it was fantastic, Mongoid is the gem i used for models. Deployed on Amazon AWS elasticBeanstalk proved immensely fantastic , after tinkering with python tool.

I have built a mobile app for iphone/ipad powered by json data , from MongoDB and managed by a simple rails app.

10gen is awesome

Release of MongoDB 2.2 was big! Performance and features of the release deserve almost a major release.

The folks at 10gen are also very friendly, i received my promotional material (stickers, book and discount coupons for books) that i happily distribute as i spread the word.

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MongoDB 2.4 full text search , time to drop solr/lucene

Well, not really. Don’t drop Solr/Lucene if it works for you but having full text search feature within MongoDB is definitely handy. It’s not known at this time but i am certain this feature will work with replica set and sharding setups.


More here


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