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Creating Real Time topology in Apache Storm is amazing

March 8, 2015 | bigdata | by Serge

Hiding away all the complexities of running nodes (hidden by zookeeper) and providing parallelism for Bolts (units of work in Storm) , as well as creating new Spouts (units of data steam, e.g. redis data, twitter stream or anything you want) allows you to focus on your real time product. Once the bolt processes a […]

Recently open sourced project – toronto open data

March 5, 2015 | coding, mongodb, nodejs, Uncategorized | by Serge

The motivation behind this project is   Building a very capable api with geo lookups Toronto Open Data api -specifically city services is very slow User interface as a proof of concept which exploits the use of new API Open sourced for others to use and improve Technology stack:   MongoDB NodeJS, rest api, mongoose AngularJS […]

MongoDB 3.0 worth the upgrade

February 24, 2015 | architecture, bigdata, mongodb | by Serge

MongoDB 3.0 (dev version of 2.8) has been almost a year in the making and there are several prominent changes that are worth mentioning:   Document level locking – changes to those large json documents (aka rows ) will work similarly to regular RDBMS. Previously you had to either queue or create a custom way […]

GO lang is getting unofficial support from GCC compiler

February 23, 2015 | coding, Uncategorized | by Serge

Support for the Go programming language has been added to GCC. It is not enabled by default when you build GCC; use the –enable-languages configure option to build it. The driver program for compiling Go code is gccgo. Go is currently known to work on GNU/Linux and RTEMS. Solaris support is in progress. It may […]


Official is dead?, long live IOJS

January 26, 2015 | architecture, javascript, nodejs | by Serge

It appears that IOJS (io.js, a form of node.js ) has gained an incredible momentum and credibility. As a seasoned nodeJS engineer i would be strongly swayed towards iojs give that it has all the important committee members (committers to nodejs). My recent observation of this fork is that they release every 4 days ! […]


Creating great looking UI with bootstrap – wizard

January 15, 2015 | coding, javascript | by Serge

Creating friendly and intuitive UI is paramount in web development. Here is a tip for an angular App that uses bootstrap.ui (angular directives for bootstrap) and bootstrap:     The above UI uses this easy CSS for styling that number:  

  And html for the controller and a route contains this markup:   […]

EmberJS – ongoing – part 2

December 10, 2014 | Uncategorized | by Serge

Your app depends on an API or some data source to generate dynamic tabs using bootstrap. I had no idea how to simply print href=”#National” ,  the string national is part of an object that is in some array. In Angular you’d be using ng-repeat and then templating output: href=”{{}}” : BOOM EmberJS and emblem solution: […]