How Postgres works behind the scene

We all like pictures and what a better way to show processing of a query then this flowchart:


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CoffeeScript way of checking for undefined

I enjoy CoffeeScripting

There is some learning curve but experienced developer will pick up. There is something i am not a fond of, its the indentation for block and function definition.

Here is something to keep in mind: Checking for a variable existence:

Normal Javascript:

if (!(typeof data !== "undefined" && data !== null)) {

CoffeeScript way (awesome)

if data?

Alternative way (same)

if typeof data isnt "undefined" and data isnt null

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Amazon Route 53 has another reason to be the best dns

Amazon Route 53 Announces DNS Failover
With DNS Failover, Amazon Route 53 can automatically route your website visitors around site outages. DNS Failover helps you improve the availability of your applications in multiple ways, from leveraging a simple backup site hosted on Amazon S3, to running your primary application simultaneously in multiple AWS regions around the world.

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Pushing to heroku from a different branch

Heroku is great but i am sure you have all sorts of branches and you aren’t using master branch.

Here is how you push a branch that you need:


git push heroku mylocalbranch:master

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